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BLOG: 5 Ways Axle’s Culture is a Cut Above the Rest

March 29, 2019

Culture is one of the top item’s candidates look at when selecting an organization. And Axle agrees!  Whether you are a new college graduate or a seasoned professional looking to make a switch, culture is what makes the difference between a short-term job and a long-term career. Sure, we can tell you about Axle’s daily ping pong challenges and foosball tables. We can tell you how delicious our Free-Lunch-Friday menus are and how much we love rewarding our teams’ hard work with afternoons off or the all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean that our top Consultants compete for each year. All these things have created a fun, positive and rewarding environment.


But for us, culture is defined by our people – the incredible individuals that we have the privilege to work with each and every day. The comradery and friendships that exist within our workforce is unmatched. We’re all teammates working towards something bigger than ourselves and the goal is constant improvement. We celebrate wins alongside one another and pick each other up in those stressful, tough moments. A healthy blend of competitive yet supportive currents allow us to maintain this constant chase of bettering ourselves, our clients, and our vendor partners. On top of that, our entrepreneurial structure offers a much different type of motivation where we take ownership of our successes and failures and as a result, motivation comes from an internal place rather than “working for the man” (a more common and much less rewarding external motivational structure).  We look at business as both sport and an art form and we love what we do!


These few mentions and many other tiny factors are what produce the makeup of our unbelievable culture and why Axle is a cut above the rest. Don’t believe us? Read what five of Axles fantastic team members had to say:


  1. Opportunity for growth is unlimited.

“Axle Logistics has provided me with the opportunity to grow myself both professionally and personally. By providing its employees a top-notch opportunity to move up within the company in a very short amount of time, employees are empowered to take control of their career growth from their very first day. Also, the pay structure is second to none! Each person within Axle has an equal opportunity to be promoted at any time when effort and performance are executed. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime! “– Zach | Logistics Consultant – Team Lead


  1. Tight knit family dynamic.

“I have had the honor and pleasure of watching Axle Logistics grow and develop for almost 6 years now and one of my favorite things that Axle Logistics has to offer is the family atmosphere.   This job is fun, intense, high pace and often demanding at times and just like any job you spend many, many hours of your life with your coworkers!  As Axle Logistics employment has grown, we have hired many great people from all walks of life and the atmosphere only continues to get stronger and many lifelong bonds have been created here.  In my time here I have seen some employees go through many ups and downs, just like life has to offer, and Axle Logistics has always been first to help when needed and support all their employees.  There is no place I would rather be, and I have always felt valued and cared for as an employee of Axle Logistics and our family is only continuing to grow!” – Carrie | Manager of Accounting & Finance


  1. Entrepreneurial spirit is contagious.

“Throughout my career I have looked for opportunities to learn what it takes to grow a business from the ground up. Axle provides not only the structure for entrepreneurial development, but the resources to support my growth. I have learned so much about what it takes to build my empire and I feel confident that no matter what my next step is, here at Axle or otherwise, I will be more prepared for the challenges I will face along the way. To work with a growing company that not only wants you to outgrow your roll, but shows you how, has been extremely rewarding.” – Jevon | Logistics Consultant


  1. Focus on industry leading technology.

“Here at Axle, we use a combination of tried and true methods and the most up to date technologies. As someone with analytics background, I appreciate that Axle Logistics is always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies, and we are able to use them to succeed in a constantly changing environment.” – Ethan | Logistics Data Analyst


  1. Learning that never stops.

“At Axle Logistics, the opportunities to grow personally and professionally never stops.  I can apply my eagerness to learn more about the logistics industry within our Continuous Learning sessions. The opportunities to expand my knowledge, build relationships throughout our organization, and be in a collaborative setting each day allows me to put myself in the best position to succeed at Axle Logistics. They support my drive to never be complacent which keeps me constantly motivated.” – Kat | Account Coordinator Manager


A career should serve and provide many different functions. Culture is the DNA that drives everything: values, ethics, purpose, expectations, goals, norms, systems, habits, language, assumptions, relationships, and much much more. It is a known fact that the cultural environment one works within day in and day out has a drastic effect on life in so many ways.  Come check us out if you’d like to feel the vibes of a great culture rather than having to simply imagine what one could be like!