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BLOG: A Career in Logistics – Why?

October 19, 2017

As more and more universities start building out Supply Chain Management and Procurement programs, it has become evident that an increasing amount of young professionals are starting out or shifting to building a career in supply chain. But as all of us the industry knows, what is taught in a supply chain course doesn’t always translate to the realities of the 3PL world. So why is logistics one of the top careers that so many are flocking to?


  1. Opportunity: The global economy continues to expand year over year and because of that, logistics have become undoubtedly important. This drives logistics organizations all over the world to ramp of staffing and add positions everywhere from executive to entry level. According to Forbes.Com, a staggering 1.4 million jobs will need to be filled in logistics by 2018. Because of this, their simply aren’t enough candidates to fill the positions. This generates an opportunity for all willing to rise to the occasion to join the fast paced world of logistics.


  1. Flexibility: From working from home to working in a high rise, positions within the industry have flexibility. The job roles may be very busy as each day is a new adventure – but those adventures don’t necessarily happen in a quite cubical. From renovated warehouses to downtown lofts in some of the country’s most booming cities, career opportunities can be found near and far.


  1. Career Growth: As you can imagine, logistics has numerous levels and facets. This allows for advancement opportunities to constantly be available. As the industry and organizations within it continue to growth, upward mobility within a company is certain. From building out departments to running sales teams, there is constantly shifting and shaping within organizations leading to more and more evolution.


  1. Experience: In very few industries do you have to change hats as often as you do within third party logistics. One moment you will be speaking to a CFO about the impact of transportation pricing to an organizations bottom line and the next, discussing route optimization with a contracted carrier partner. Having A robust communication skill-set is an essential trait to have. From inside sales to running a board room presentation, roles within the logistics field provide the foundation and experience to be able to communicate effectively with people on any organizational level.


If you are interested in a fast paced career where you are in the driver’s seat of your future, then logistics may be the right place for you! This fun, challenging and dynamic industry is seeking confident professionals looking to make an impact. Reach out to Careers@AxleLogistics.com to learn how you can build your empire at Axle today!