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BLOG: Solar Eclipse 2017

August 18, 2017

As the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse grows near, Axle Logistics urges drivers to implement the following safety persuasions:


  • Plan to accommodate extended transit time as congestion is expected throughout the eclipse path on the day prior along with the day of the event
  • If possible, avoid transit through main path of eclipse if possible (see maps below)
  • Avoid stopping or parking along  shoulder of interstates during eclipse (13:24est)
  • If traveling along a highway, please exit to a safe location if seeking to view eclipse
  • It is strongly encouraged to not take photographs while driving
  • Opaque eclipse glasses are not safe to wear while operating a motor vehicle of any kind
  • Be sure to have headlights on prior and throughout event
  • While driving on smaller roads, be aware of pedestrians who may be walking to/watching event


The following maps show the projected path of the eclipse throughout the US and East Tennessee:




While the path of totality will only pass through 14 states, everyone throughout the United States will be able to witness this amazing event!  Enjoy and please be safe!!