Meet the Axle Logistics Leadership Team

Over the next few weeks, we plan to sit with leadership team of Axle Logistics to get a better understanding of the company, culture and learn a little bit more about our team. We are going to begin with our Vice President of Logistics, Shawn McLeod who has been with Axle for 4.5 years. When Shawn first started in logistics, he was looking for an industry that he knew was in growth mode and could weather market volatility along with wanting a fast paced, energetic, yet laid back environment that was paid from performance. Once he found logistics as his career, there is no way he could work in another industry. Logistics has an addicting appeal that keeps him coming back and wanting more.

At Shawn’s position he is responsible for ensuring that the company is operating to the highest of its capabilities and in an efficient manner. This includes making sure that Axle Logistics is hiring the best talent in the industry and ensuring that the management team is dedicated to their team’s development and growth. And most importantly, Shawn is in charge of ensuring that Axle Logistics continues to add business and grow to meet the goals of the organization. In the future, Shawn sees himself continuing being in the leadership role and developing himself and others. “You never go a day without learning something new and I want to continue to add value to our people and their experiences,” Shawn says.

According to Shawn, Axle Logistics has seen tremendous growth over the past 8 years, and he takes pride in knowing that he was able to add to the growth along with his team. Shawn is not the type of person that wants to sit back and manage. He wants to be the guy that leads by example. Whether it’s landing a new customer or bringing talent to the company that contributes something new to the team, Shawn takes pride in knowing that he can take a break from his job to sit down and work alongside the team to accomplish the same goals.

“It’s the hard-working team and culture that makes Axle Logistics successful”, says Shawn. The company is built around excitement and enthusiasm for finding solutions for our customers and in turn, paying for performance without restrictions. “You do not find that in many places. We have a work hard, play hard environment and we expect the best out of everyone, but we are also a family and you can see it in the day to day. There is not a job that I have held like what we have at Axle Logistics, where I love coming to work every day and seeing the excitement and wins of each person. I tell everyone that interviews here that you will never find a job that makes you more well-rounded in your personal and professional life,” Shawn describes. He along with the leadership team have worked hard to make Axle a brand name in the logistics industry and every day it is exhibited when listening to our customers give excellent feedback. Shawn would not change anything that he has accomplished and would only want more people to experience the same things that he has.

When we asked Shawn, what is one thing that he needs to continue to develop in himself, he mentioned active listening. “In the fast-paced environment of logistics, it is sometimes difficult to slow down and take time to listen to what people are saying. As a leader, we need to give our undivided attention to our team, so they know that we are here for them.” Shawn accredits his success to his parents saying, “I’ve learned a lot from both of my parents growing up. My mother always wanted to make sure that everyone around her was better off than she was and I like to do the same. I learned about business acumen from my father, who has helped me tremendously in understanding people and business processes and how to deal with adversity. I’ve seen them work extremely hard throughout the years and it has helped me to know what I need to do to be successful.” Along with this, Shawn lives everyday by his favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


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