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Ahead Of The Curve

Axle Logistics stands out in a crowded industry because we provide unrivaled customer service and relentless dedication to optimize supply chain efficiency. With cutting-edge technology and proactive communication, Axle is focused on exceeding all of our clients’ and carriers’ service expectations. Simply put, we do logistics differently.


Improving the Supply Chain to Move the World Forward

At Axle Logistics, we see the aggregate supply chain as a complex network full of disconnects and inefficiencies. This creates a massive opportunity to accelerate solutions for the benefit of our clients and carrier partners.

Driven by our passion for optimizing flow and processes, we improve logistics for all entities within the supply chain.


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Advanced Logistics Services, Expertise and Technologies

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A Glance Into 2023

2023 is officially in full swing. As we continue into the new year, we enter the stagnant part of the freight calendar. Q1 always proves to be a difficult time for freight companies due to a combination of factors. Retailers all around the world clear unwanted stock from the holidays and construction begins to slow

New Year, New Career!

Congratulations to our 2022 Axle Logistics Award Winners! We would like to recognize these employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the entire year. These awards were carefully chosen by our executive board members based on performance, character, and leadership assets that are critical to overall success. We are beyond proud of each of