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Ahead Of The Curve

Axle Logistics stands out in a crowded industry because we provide unrivaled customer service and relentless dedication to optimize supply chain efficiency. With cutting-edge technology and proactive communication, Axle is focused on exceeding all of our clients’ and carriers’ service expectations. Simply put, we do logistics differently.


Improving the Supply Chain to Move the World Forward

At Axle Logistics, we see the aggregate supply chain as a complex network full of disconnects and inefficiencies. This creates a massive opportunity to accelerate solutions for the benefit of our clients and carrier partners.

Driven by our passion for optimizing flow and processes, we improve logistics for all entities within the supply chain.


Client Services

Advanced Logistics Services, Expertise and Technologies

Port Services
Axle Logistics Ranks #1 at The Inaugural Rocky Top Business Awards

The inaugural Rocky Top Business Awards were held Friday, May 5, in a celebration recognizing the fastest-growing University of Tennessee, Knoxville, alumni-owned or alumni-led businesses. Duane Wiles, associate Vice Chancellor of alumni relations, spoke to award winners and guests assembled over lunch about the impact the university’s network of leaders and entrepreneurs have on the world of

Cargo Safety

Cargo theft has reached an all-time high in the United States as thieves continue to improve the processes in which they illegally obtain certain goods. The most common theft continues to be physical, targetedattacks on areas such as loading docks, parking lots, or truck stops across America. Strategic Theft, when a thief is strategically planning a