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BLOG: Cargo Safety over Holiday Weekend

May 24, 2017

As Memorial Day approaches and vacation plans begin to form, the transportation industry takes a different look at this honorable three day weekend. According to CargoNet, Memorial Day weekend has seen a 40% higher rate in theft compared to non-holiday weekends. Unfortunately, the standstill of cargo across the country makes it a popular time for theft to occur. 98 thefts were reported over the last 4 years during Memorial Day weekend alone.  In order to not fall subject to one of these crimes, taking the proper precautions is necessary. But what are they?


Awareness is key. Education of employees, clients and carriers are crucial to the success and safety of products. All parties must been painfully aware of the concept “cargo at rest is cargo at risk.” It is a daunting reality that is a constant in this industry. However, on weekends such as this one, it is a heightened truth.   Participation is needed from all members of internal staff, whether that is drivers, managers, planners or shippers.


If available, tracking systems should be utilized at all time. If use is available, a tracking systems geofencing will send an alert when and if a shipment ever moves. This gives you full visibility to any changes during transit. Depending on the tracking system, some have the capability to alert users any time a door on the trailer opens. This adds another layer of safety to your shipment over a long weekend when a trailer may be sitting unattended.


Utilize secured locations whenever possible. When staging product, loading carriers, leaving available equipment – using a secured location minimizes the opportunity of a theft to occur. In a report released by Sensitech, 71% of thefts occur from an unsecured yard. When it comes to trailers, they should always be connected and locked to a truck while it is unattended. In order to secure equipment, trailers are recommended to use landing gear, king pin locks, air cuff locks and rear door locks at all times.


Communication between shippers, carrier partners and transportation providers are needed in order to provide safety over a long weekend. Taking these simple precautions may be the difference between a happy Tuesday morning, or a challenging one!