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BLOG: Carrier of Choice – The How’s and Why’s to This Important Accolade

July 25, 2019

A common topic in the transportation world surrounds being a “shipper of choice”. Organizations that fall into this sought-after titled have made improvements to their facilities to be more carrier friendly and accommodating. Ensuring clean waiting areas and restrooms, shortening load/unloading time and shifting to single drop shipments are some of the way’s shippers are striving to appeal to carriers.  This shift has been highly impactful to the shipper/carrier relationships throughout the industry and have brought to light areas of much needed improvement.


Shippers have seen the return on these relationships as the market shifted, capacity tightened up and yet, their freight continued to get picked up. And not only that, carriers with leading safety and scoring records provided shippers with competitive pricing in exchange for long-term relationships that withstand the quickly changing market conditions. But what is not discussed often is how carriers are taking similar steps to become a “carrier of choice”. Here are some ways Axle Logistics carriers have stepped into that role successfully:


  1. Build Transparent Relationships: Whoever it is sourcing shipments for you, it is imperative to have a transparent relationship with that individual. Whether you received shipments through a dispatcher, a 3PL Consultant or directly from the shipper, understanding the nuances of a facility and the freight you are hauling is key. This in turn allows you to execute a shipment to its entirety and to the expectations outlined. For example, Axle Logistics provides a true single point of contact through its unique 360 model. This Logistics Consultant has a direct relationship with the shipper as they are the ones arranging pickup and delivery details themselves. In turn, this Consultant can communicate all pertinent details firsthand. As a 3PL, Axle understands that having all the information on the front end is half the battle!


  1. Provide Feedback: For shippers to make the changes that are more appealing to the needs of carrier partners, it is necessary for carriers to provide feedback on their experiences – the good as well as challenging! And not just when the shipment is delivered, but throughout the process. From loading times, friendliness of the dock associates, the route in which they took and everything in between. This type of feedback allows Axle Consultants to build deeper relationships with our carrier partners and help them achieve their long-term goals by communicating with shippers’ areas of improvement.


  1. Be Diligent in Being a Partner: If becoming a carrier of choice is important to you as a driver or as a carrier organization, be diligent in the pursuit of partnerships. Overcommunicating with your dispatcher or consultant, adhering to tracking regulations, providing proactive updates, communicating identified lanes and facilities that work best for your business and understanding the shipper’s expectations – these are the attributes that set carriers of choice, apart. This creates long term partnerships driving creating a network where carriers are continuously moving as seamlessly as possible for competitive pay.


Without shippers and carriers alike, the world of transporting goods would cease to exist. But when both parties dedicate themselves to becoming the best of their craft, it is then we see a more cohesive and streamlined network throughout the market. If become a carrier (or shipper) of choice is something you would like to learn more about, please reach out to a Logistics Consultant today at 888-440-1888.