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Knoxville-based Axle Logistics announces headquarters expansion amid rapid growth

May 10, 2016

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Axle Logistics, a third-party logistics company co-founded by University of Tennessee graduates Jon Clay and Drew Johnson, today announced that it will soon begin the expansion of its headquarters on the 10th floor of the Langley Building in downtown Knoxville on Summit Hill Drive.

Formerly occupied by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the company currently holds more than 5,000 sq. ft. of space and has acquired an additional 3,322 sq. ft. as part of the expansion. Interior construction is scheduled to begin this month.

“When we started Axle Logistics, we knew we were different in our approach and we certainly had a vision for success,” said Jon Clay. “What has transpired in such a short period of time since in terms of the company’s reputation and growth, including today’s headquarters expansion announcement, is directly in line with our initial vision and expectations. We’ve come a long way, but we still consider ourselves to be on the ground floor of our growth potential and are just scratching the surface as far as where we’re headed.”

Since its inception, Axle Logistics has continued to experience rapid growth year-over-year with overall revenue and employee count nearly doubling in each of the last three years. The company expects this trend to continue as the country’s shipping needs continue to grow and evolve and more clients become aware of the value and expertise that Axle brings. The company has grown from two employees in its first year of operations and expects to employ more than 60 by the end of the 2016.

In the fast-paced transportation industry where global supply chains are changing on a daily basis and customer behavior can change overnight, the need for innovation and true partnership in the industry continues to grow. Axle Logistics was founded on this growing need and was built with the overall vision of bringing a sense of comfort and convenience to an industry often filled with inefficiencies by providing specialized customer service and a unique overall philosophy and approach to logistics.
For more information on Axle Logistics, visit www.axlelogistics.com.