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Port Services

At every major domestic port, the Axle team continues to build strong port drayage relationships. Leveraging volume, we provide the elite-level Axle customer service while executing competitive pricing for intermodal moves.
We can assist with your drayage needs across multiple classifications:

Expedited drayage:Quick transportation of freight containers to a location within 500 miles or less of the port

Inter-carrier drayage:This incorporates the intermodal service that Axle provides, and refers to the movement of a container between various carriers and/or modes

Pier drayage:When you need to move a shipping container from rail terminal to an ocean shipping port

Shuttle drayage:Shuttle drayage involves moving an intermodal unit to a temporary stopping point. It’s often used when port congestion is high and delays may be at consequence.

Door-to-door: This type of drayage is usually meant for short trips. If your company is located on the coast, Axle can carry the container from the port to your dock door